PageLines- TRA_surface-access3.pngRail and road surface access

The multi-modal Lower Thames crossing between Canvey and Hoo and later Grain and Sheppey connects the existing radial road and rail networks north and south of the Thames with short new above ground transport corridors (blue outline). This not only connects a new airport efficiently, but also offers vital agglomeration benefits to Essex and Kent and much needed redundancy to the national traffic flows between the South-East (continent) and the Midlands. A third dedicated rail tunnel offers direct rail routes through the AirRailHub:

  • Making best use of existing rail (black) and road (red) corridors
  • Integration with existing transport infrastructure and initiatives
  • Offering wider benefits to local communities

Key routes:

  • Crossrail+ (orange)
  • High-speed rail link between the North and the Continent, via AirRailHub and Stansted
  • Express rail into London
  • Commuter rail links between Essex and Kent
  • Freight bypass to east coast ports
TRA-crossrail+Crossrail+ map with AirRailHub station

New construction:

  • 10km new road corridors
  • 10km new rail corridors (blue)
  • 25km Essex cross country (blue)
  • Upgrading of existing routes to match demand
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