TRA_rail-network-1024x768Rail network and key services (in min.)

Thames Reach Airport in closely integrated with local, regional, national and international rail services – offering highest public transport surface access provision of well over 60%.

Rail networks

  • “Check-in-trains” (with on-board check-in)
  • High-speed rail link to Central London
  • Direct “feeder” intercity trains (air-rail substitution)
  • Extensive commuter rail connections for staff – into Essex and Kent
  • New rail lines: Kent 10km, Essex 5km (+25km cross country)
  • Upgraded rail lines: Kent 30km, Essex 10km

Rail services (with indicative travel times)

High-speed Rail (gold)

  • London St Pancras – 20min
  • Paris – 2h
  • Birmingham – 2.5h (HS2 direct )
  • Cardiff – 3h (Intercity direct)
  • Manchester – 4.5h (HS2 or Peterborough direct)

Regional Rail

  • Southend – 10 min
  • Medway – 7min
  • Ashford – 15min
  • London Bridge – 30min (Express train)
  • Fenchurch Street – 30min (Express train)
  • Central London – 40min (Cross Rail)
  • Waterloo Station – 30min (former HS1 line)

Freight rail

  • Eastern bypass (LOIS Study) W11 (CG) gauge access between UK and continental Europe
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