TRA_UK-EU-rail-network-integrationAirRailHub integration with the proposed UK rail backbone network


AirRailHub by Thames Reach Airport Ltd. not just provides aviation capacity for the 21st century, but also joins up wider infrastructure initiatives to form a truly integrated solution – connecting Britain for the future, nationally and internationally.

 Maintaining a HUB!

Single hub! AirRailHub offers a high capacity and high peak capacity aerodrome with 24 hour operation. An initial single site 3-wide spaced runway airport with future expansion options, provides clarity for the long-term planning and rationalises the currently fragmented long-haul market in the Southeast for a leaner and better connected hub.

Locating on the HOO!

Balancing proximity! The Hoo peninsular offers large open land near the biggest aviation market in the world and close connection to existing and proposed high-speed rail connections, with good workforce and accommodation available in the Thames Estuary area.

Integrating RAIL!

Our fourth runway is high-speed rail! A direct and extensive rail service network is vital for the efficiency, comfort and environmental protection to substitute as many as possible journeys to and from the AirRailHub. Further comparative proximity (door to seat) is much improved, due to removing transport interchange losses.

  • 10-20% of feeder flights can be replaced by direct intercity rail, from UK cities and across the channel.
  • 75% of surface access from the London area can be serviced via Crossrail+, express and high-speed rail with “on-train-check-in” facility.
  • 75% of commuter traffic can be serviced by public transport, with direct regional rail services being offered.


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