TRAoverviewThree modular components on the Hoo peninsular


  • 25km2 platform – 8m above sea-level
  • Three (four) wide-spaced runways aerodrome
  • Two CTA’s with 12 satellites and VIP and cargo area
  • Two 10 track railway stations
  • Direct Crossrail and HS1 access
  • Dedicated cargo and Business Park
  • Fast interchange

RAIL NETWORK (Check-in-Train integration)

  • Crossrail+ service
  • Highspeed service – direct to London, Paris/Brussels, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds
  • Regional rail service to Essex and Kent

TUNNEL (Metrotidal)

  • Multi-modal tunnel (Canvey – Hoo peninsular)
  • 4km immersed tube tunnel + 4 km cut and cover tunnel
  • D2 road tunnel with central emergency tunnel
  • T2 rail tunnel mutual emergency tunnel arrangement
  • Road and rail links
  • Utility way leaves

TIDAL POOL (Metrotidal)

  • Dredged pool with 10m embankment (Eastern)
  • Natural pool with 8m embankment (Western)
  • Extensive emergency overflow areas (flood risk zone)
  • 20MW dual pool tidal power plant with pump storage
  • Active flood storage controls
  • Bird strike control
  • Upstream intertidal mudflats protection


  • Bird sanctuary and environmental remediation
  • Industrial zone
  • River dredging and flood defence dams
  • Relocation of farms/businesses
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