2002 – Thames Reach Airport project initiation

Bluebase Architects London commit to develop a private sector surface access led airport proposal at the Hoo peninsular to be submitted for the 2002 SERAS consultation – branded Thames Reach Airport. To support the scheme development, an extensive number of consultation and workshop meetings were held with relevant industries and stakeholder.

2003 – SERAS submission and assessment

The Thames Reach Airport proposals are submitted to second stage SERAS consultation, widely published in the national media and presented to the Aviation All‐Party Group of the House of Commons chaired by Francis Maude. Halcrow assess the proposals in detail on behalf of the DfT.

2004 – Stand‐alone Thames Reach Tunnel proposition

Following the SERAS conclusion to “do nothing”, Bluebase started to also promote Thames Reach Tunnel as a stand‐alone business case to relieve Dartford crossing with wider benefits.

2005 – Thames Reach Tunnel and tidal power

Further development on the stand‐alone Thames Reach Tunnel case and the development of tidal power integration. Presentation at the Thames Gateway Forum.

2006 – “Island” Thames Reach Airport

Bluebase presents Thames Reach Airport, now closely integrated with a tidal pool system, at the TCPA conference in Manchester, chaired by Sir Peter Hall.

2007 – Consultation with M3 Group

Further development on Thames Reach Airport and consultation with Justine Greening MP for the 3M Group.

2008 – Incorporation of Thames Reach Airport Ltd.

Modelling of the Lower Thames Crossing road links by Space Syntax. Further consultation and meetings with PLA, Kent, Essex, RSPB, Thames Gateway, Crossrail, Justine Greening, Bernhard Jenkin, John Olsen, Halcrow and Volterra. Dedicated website for Thames Reach Airport.

2009 – Thames Reach Airport at Isle of Grain with flood storage system

Presentation of Isle of Gain airport at ICE conference. Meetings with Douglas Oakervee, Nick Raynsford. Workshops with HR Wallingford, CAA, Alain Chiaradia, TideTech.

2010 – Larger scale Tidal power schemes and TRA letter to TESG

Letter to Sir David King (TESG) setting out the principles current Thames Reach Airport proposals at the Isle of Grain.

2011 – Restructuring and IP

Meetings with Lord Berkley re rail freight. IP review.

2012 – AirRailHUB proposals

AirRailHub proposals re-cast for publication. Renewed consultations with GLA and DfT.

2013 – Consultation with Moylan and Davies commissions

Further development of 4+ runway scheme options. Consultation with Moylan and Davies Commission. Launch of 2013 AirRailHub website.


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