layout (3 wide-spaced rw.) and associated development areas

General airport construction

  • 25km2 aerodrome platform ‐ 8m above sea level
  • Built almost exclusively on reclaimed and flood risk land
  • Hydrodynamic and navigation channel neutral
  • Phased construction to reduce impacts
  • Locally sourced materials
  • Integrated with tidal pools
  • Adjacent 10km2 brownfield growth area

AirRailHub (3 wide‐spaced runway configuration)

  • 3No 4km runways, widely spaced at 1520m
  • 2No CTA’s with 10 track train station each
  • 14No satellites (total 20km stands) with airside fast track links
  • Dedicated terminals for airline alliances
  • 1No VIP terminal
  • Cargo terminals
  • 180 mppa peak capacity at 24h operation
  • Optional expansion ‐ 4th wide‐spaced runway possible or more

Surface Access

  • Direct high‐speed rail connections (to London, Paris and Midlands)
  • Check-In‐Train service with train platform luggage drop‐off
  • Dual routes to central London (redundancy)
  • 60+% rail use (staff and passengers)
  • Use of existing transport corridors
  • Direct interchanges with short walking distances throughout the system
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