Thames Reach Airport is introducing a number of innovations and best practices to the project to further promote a step-change for the provision of an integrated infrastructure solution.

Check-In-Train ©

Most rail services to access the AirRailHub will offer on-board self and assisted check-in:

  • 1st class: An attendant will issue a boarding pass at your seat and collect your hold luggage
  • 2nd class: Each train coach will offer self-service check-in terminals (as provided currently at the airport) – with easy access luggage drop-off on the arrival train platforms

All trains will be linked with the check-in system and departure scheduling, offering up to date information for each passenger on the way to the airport and notification of delays. This will offer a unique hop-on service, saving vital check-in time at the airport, peace of mind and comfort on route to the airport.

Airport – Lower Thames Crossing – Flood defence

The proposals are combining the independent but compatible infrastructure initiatives to unlock substantial synergy effects:

  • Dual tunnel use = airport surface access + agglomeration benefit for Essex and Kent
  • Dual pool use = Flood storage + pump storage / power generation
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