TRA_phased-construction-1024x607Incremental development of 3 wide-spaced runway hub airport capacity

The four key stages illustrate the alternative phased  development potential for Thames Reach Airport:

  • 2020 – Metrotidal tunnel and flood storage to offer Dartford Crossing relieve and flood protection
  • 2024 – First runway for early new aviation capacity with limited environmental impacts
  • 2028 – Second runway for large international airport operations
  • 2032 – Third runway for premier hub operation
  • beyond – Fourth and more runways – see extended proposals


Extended proposals (4th runway)

TRA_base4m-expansion44th optional runway South

The 3 wide-spaced aerodrome layout can be extended to the South with a 4th wide-spaced independent runway and a 3rd CTA above a rail terminal.


Alternative extended proposals (4th and 5th runway)

TRA_base4m-expansion2+2+14th and 5th optional runways West

The 3 wide-spaced aerodrome layout can be extended to the West with a further wide-spaced runway pair to offer 5 runways and 3 CTA facing the rail terminals. For reduced impact on the Hoo the 3rd runway (South) can be installed last, with the airport initially operating with 4 runways almost entirely located on reclaimed land in the Thames.


Reference proposals (two narrow-spaced runway pairs)

TRA_base4m-expansion2x24 runway layout with 2 narrow-spaced runway pairs

Typical 4 runway arrangement with 2 narrow-spaced runway pairs and wider in-field for reference.

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