NOISE safeguards

Indicative noise contour

The aerodrome positioning avoids any overflying of densely populated area with the 57dB noise contour only covering open water, marches and industrial areas.

  • Flight paths over open water and marshes
  • Cliff/TRA distance identical to Windsor Castle/LHR
  • No conurbation within the contour, besides Allhallows and Cooling (indicative only)
  • No noise pollution above background in cities (Southend, Canvey, Rochester, Basildon)
  • Surface access follows existing transport corridors
  • New transport corridors in tunnels or cuttings

RISK safeguards

Indicative risk contour

An aircraft crash is statistically most likely during the take-off and landing as indicates by the public safety zones. Public Safety zones are almost exclusively over open land and open water, offering a best protection for the local population.

  • MS Montgomery legacy action plan
  • Relocation of LNG plant over next 10 years
  • Phasing out of power plant over next 10 years
  • Navigation channel action plan
  • Strategic pipeline action plan

BIRDSTRIKE safeguards

Active birdstrike protection zone

In the active bird strike protection zone, Thames Reach Airport will make use of a fully automated 24-hour detection system for bird strike control, placing emphasis on the harmless denial of access to bird life rather than the destruction of their natural habitats. The automated system working in tandem with a 20-year programme for bird management and the creation of alternative habitats along the eastern seaboard will reduce the risk of bird strike to the levels experienced elsewhere in the UK.

  • Early habitat relocation, prior to aerodrome construction
  • Maintaining net bird habitat provision
  • Protecting local habitat
  • Radar based active bird dissuasion system
  • Bird strike risk comparable to international standards
  • Early closure of all Thames Estuary land fill sites
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