The AirRailHub proposal by Thames Reach Airport is a step-change in infrastructure planning, not only providing 24h aviation capacity, but also an integrated wider national transport infrastructure and long term coastal protection. This is achieved by integrating a new hub airport with the improved national rail network at the Hoo peninsular to connect Britain for the future:

Airport and rail integration

  • Air/rail substitution: up to 20% fewer feeder flights
  • Car/rail substitution: up to 60% fewer car journeys to the airport (for travellers and staff)
  • Freight mode shift to rail, currently trucked from the continent and ports

Integration and wider infrastructures

  • Use of existing road and rail corridors with just 40km new roads and rail corridor constructed
  • Use of existing industrial and flood risk land with no loss of housing
  • Lower Thames Crossing and flood defences for London

Phaseability of the proposals

  • Clear vision achieved and secure master plan
  • Future proof with possibility of 4 and more┬árunways
  • Phased environmental impacts and capital investment to track demand
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