To the traveller – “fast and direct”

  • Fastest access from London to boarding gate (comparative proximity)
  • Low cost of travel, due to unconstrained capacity
  • 21st century travel experience with “check-In-train” service
  • 24h intercontinental access
  • Widest and deepest network of destinations
  • Interconnected and direct rail system

To the airlines – “best for interlining”

  • No constraints on slots
  • Dedicated and scalable terminals for airline alliances
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Resilience
  • 24h operation

To the staff

  • Rail based commute
  • Broad catchment area
  • State of the art work place

To regional UK airports

  • Direct connection to Stansted, Gatwick, Birmingham and other airports via direct rail
  • Transparent two tier aviation system, with national hub champion and liberalised regional airports
  • Deregulated market – no or level landing charges, fifth freedom rights, Council Regulation (EEC) No 95/93 of 18 January 1993
  • Generally improved rail surface access connections – via better network and franchises

To the UK – “intermodal gateway to the World”

  • Future proof, with 3 times the capacity of Heathrow,
  • Policy clarity and scalability
  • Greater flexibility to sign Air Service Agreements with foreign states

To the environment – “rail is our fourth runway”

  • Net reduction in flights (up to -20%)  – pooling flights and interconnecting with rail
  • Net reduction in car journeys (up to -60%) – widest direct commuter rail network
  • Green architecture and operations
  • Air pollution not to impact local community due to island location
  • Phased development impacts

To the local community – “green and interconnected”

  • Reduced local development due to remote operations via rail connectivity – spreading development over wider south east and not around the perimeter as far as possible
  • No homes lost
  • Wide ranging employment opportunities

To the taxpayer – “private sector funded airport”

  • Cost neutral for the airport development (subject to moving Heathrow hub operation)
  • Wider rail improvements, part of incremental upgrade and maintenance of existing rail network
  • Lower Thames crossing part of Dartford crossing improvement programme
  • Flood defence (tidal power) via TE2100 programme and power generation
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